Are Disinfectant Door Mats Safe for Children?

 Though the KBOC Mat is highly effective in killing germs, it does no harm to your children. The KBOC Mat is completely safe for your kids. Stepping on the KBOC Mat attracts bacteria to the silver and copper ions within it, destroying the germs that threaten to give you and your children unwanted illnesses without any dangerous chemicals or compounds.

If you want to ensure that your family remains cold-free, buy your own KBOC Mat today. This disinfectant door mat is the safest and most efficient way to keep germs out of your home, all it takes is the first step.

Disinfecting Door Mats that Are Safe for Children

The health of one’s children is paramount to all parents. Despite the KBOC Mat’s ruthlessness towards bacteria and germs, it poses no danger to children. Although children may be taught to wash their hands to the tune of “Happy Birthday” to sufficiently rid themselves of germs, let’s face it; germs hitch a ride on more than just your child’s hands. On average, 400,000 germs are hiding under the shoes of every person that enters your home. Not only is the KBOC Mat safe for children, but it might even be a parent’s saving grace.

The KBOC Mat uses silver and copper ionization to attract germs, then eliminates the bacteria. This method of distillation by use of silver and copper ionization is often used at hospitals in order to rid their water supply of pathogens. If it is safe to consume drinking water treated with silver copper ionization, it is certainly safe for your children to step onto the KBOC Mat when entering your home.

Silver copper ionization is a clinically tested, safe way to reduce the risk that germs enter your home. There are no unwanted chemicals used in manufacturing; it’s as natural as it can get. The process is simple, even for young children. The KBOC Mat kills germs instantly on contact, so there is no need for your child to sing “Happy Birthday” while waiting for the ionization to kick in – just step onto the KBOC Mat, wipe your feet, and go into your home, germ-free.

Disinfecting Door Mats Are a Must for Families

If you have small children, your family will absolutely benefit from a KBOC Mat of your own. Today, your family’s health has never been more of a concern. It is crucial to understand that germs can hitch a ride anywhere; masks, gloves, and handwashing don’t always cut it. Of the 400,000 germs you track into your house each time you step inside, 96,000 have the potential to get your family sick. Sanitizing your shoes with the KBOC Mat is the only sure way to prevent unwanted bacteria from sneaking into your home.

At summer camp, at school, or at friends’ houses, there is an increased risk that your child will get sick and bring that illness home to the rest of your family. On average, children are much more likely than adults to contract a cold, and they often get sick upwards of 3 times per year. Schools are breeding grounds for the common cold and the stomach flu, and it becomes almost impossible to prevent your family from getting sick once school is back in session.

Once your child is sick, there’s nothing to do but wait it out. According to the CDC, recovery time for the common cold may last upwards of 7-10 days. For working parents, it can quickly become almost impossible to care for your sick child and balance responsibilities at work. A family with multiple children is sure to experience a domino effect as each child ultimately comes in contact with the illness, yet there are only so many days a parent can call out of work. Let’s be real: by the end of it, you’ll probably catch a cold too.

With the KBOC Mat, families can stop that from ever happening. The KBOC Mat is non-toxic and works immediately, once you or your child steps on it. The KBOC Mat is clinically proven to efficiently destroy all unwanted germs and bacteria, ensuring that your child won’t bring any illnesses back from their classmates.

Unparalleled Protection

The KBOC Mat is a safe and desirable feature for any family and, if it’s safe for children, it’s safe for anyone. The KBOC Mat is not exclusively used by families either. Store owners wanting to ensure the health of their customers, office spaces looking to keep their workers healthy, and even schools that want to keep their students and teachers safe are all likely users of the KBOC Mat. The KBOC Mat is just that, a means of protection for all.

That’s why the KBOC Mat is such an important tool for parents to keep in their arsenal. The KBOC Mat is not only safe for children, but it actively protects them from germs and bacteria. But it’s not just your children that reap the benefits of the KBOC Mat.

The KBOC Mat protects each member of your family, from newborns at risk of coming in contact with dangerous bacteria that an infant is unable to fight to family members who are immunocompromised and must ensure a safe living environment. It shields elderly members of your family from threatening illnesses and even prevents your pets from tracking in germs and bacteria on their paws. The KBOC Mat ensures the health of all members of your family while being completely safe for everyone to use.

Purchase a KBOC Mat Today & Keep Your Family Safe and Healthy

Avoid this cold and flu season and keep you family healthy year-round with the safe and efficient KBOC Mat. Visit our website and get one for yourself today. It is a sure way to keep your loved ones healthy and prevent your little ones from bringing in germs.