Are Disinfectant Doormats Safe for Pets?

For many people, pets are part of the family. Just like the rest of your family, they can bring unwanted germs and bacteria into your home. Each time your pet walks into your house, they're tracking 400,000 germs and bacteria that threaten to get your family sick. When wiping their paws doesn't cut it, The KBOC Mat can help put a stop to unwanted germs. The KBOC Mat can kill germs and bacteria on contact, and yes, it works on your pet's paws.

Not only does it work, but it's safe for your four-legged friends. The KBOC Mat is an antibacterial doormat made from 100% silver and copper iron threads. Through the process of silver and copper ionization, The KBOC Mat kills bacteria after the first step. It's a safe way to help prevent unwanted germs from getting into your home, keeping your family and pets safe.

The KBOC Mat can act as a barrier between the outside world and your home. A one-time purchase keeps your house germ-free for four years, and can help your family to stay healthy. If you want to help keep your home a healthy one, buy a KBOC Mat today. Better yet, putting a KBOC Mat at each entry door to your home can help it stay a safe space for your family and pets. Check out our website to purchase your KBOC Mat today.

Can Disinfectant Doormats Keep Pets Safe?

Believe it or not, your pets can get sick too. Though your dog is less likely to catch a common cold from someone in your family, it could be the reason why you got sick in the first place. Of the 400,000 germs and bacteria brought into your home on the paws of your pet, 96,000 can get your family sick. Having your pet step on The KBOC Mat each time they come inside can help keep your home healthy.

While your dog may not catch a common cold, your cat is more likely to. Beyond that, both species can catch the flu and other serious viruses. The KBOC Mat is not only safe for dogs to use, but it can protect them from the germs and bacteria they might otherwise track inside.

There's no need to train your pet to wipe their paws either; The KBOC Mat can kill germs and bacteria on contact. Just have your pet step onto The KBOC Mat as they walk inside. It's as easy as that – no training treats necessary.

Why Get a Disinfectant Doormat for Pets?

Pet owners may need The KBOC Mat more than they know. Pets' paws are the dirtiest part of their body and can track in thousands of germs every time they step inside your house. The KBOC Mat is a must for families with multiple pets, outdoor pets, and even elderly pets.

Multiple Pets

Having a pet is like having an extra family member. For each pet you have, more and more germs are being brought into your house. Different dangerous germs or bacteria could be on the paws of all your pets as they go inside, increasing the chance that your family gets sick.

If you have multiple pets in and out of your house throughout the day, The KBOC Mat is a must.

Outdoor Pets

Walking your dog around the neighborhood, letting your cat roam your backyard, and bringing your pet to public areas can increase the chance that germs will stick to their paws. Even primarily indoor pets get outside a lot. If your pet is often outside and around other animals or people, The KBOC Mat may help keep unwanted germs or bacteria get inside your home.

After a day in the dog park, the last thing you want to be thinking about is what bacteria is hitching a ride on your pet's paws. The KBOC Mat can help keep your pets’ paws free from germs, no matter where they’ve been.

Elderly or Immunocompromised Pets

It's common for animals, especially cats, to have immunodeficiency problems. They may be unable to fight off the common cold circulating your house. Like humans, animals have a harder time fighting off viruses as they age. The KBOC Mat is not only safe for your pets to use but may help protect them from possible illnesses.

Like you would with an immunocompromised family member, making your home a germ-free zone is important if your pet cannot fight off illnesses. Consider The KBOC Mat to help protect your pets and the rest of your family against germs and bacteria that could get them sick.

Disinfectant Doormats Keep Your Family Safe

It's not just your pets that could use a disinfectant doormat, but the rest of your family too. Just like your pet's paws, your shoes also trek in 400,000 germs each time you step foot into your house. The KBOC Mat can work to kill germs on contact, stopping them from entering your home whether they were on paws or shoes.

Large families or ones with many visitors may prevent germs from entering their homes with The KBOC Mat. A lot of foot traffic in and out of your house can increase the likelihood that germs and bacteria can get inside. The KBOC Mat can last for four years, helping to keep your family safe no matter the number of pets or people moving in and out. The KBOC Mat is safe for your entire family, including pets and small children.

Keep Your Pets Healthy with The KBOC Mat

If you’re worried about the number of germs trekked into your house on your pets’ paws, try a disinfectant doormat. Buy The KBOC Mat today to help keep your family safe, pets and all.