Are There Chemicals in Disinfectant Doormats?

Keeping your family safe is always a concern. If you've considered buying a disinfectant doormat to help you do so, you may be wondering what it's made of. If it kills germs, might it be toxic to you, your children, or your pets? Does it contain harmful chemicals or additives that could harm your family? When adding a feature to your home intended to keep your family safe, it's only natural to want to know what's in it.

There are no chemicals in The KBOC Mat. It’s made of 100% silver and copper ion threads. The same can't always be said of other disinfectant doormats, however. The KBOC Mat uses patented technology to produce a disinfectant doormat free from chemicals of any kind. There are no sprays or other harmful elements added during production. The KBOC Mat is chemical-free; it's made only of silver and copper ion threads.

The KBOC Mat is a safe and effective way to help prevent germs from entering your home. Capable of killing up to 99% of germs on contact, The KBOC Mat uses patented technology to eliminate bacteria. With no added chemicals or sprays, The KBOC Mat works to help safely protect your family from unwanted germs. Visit our website to buy The KBOC Mat and start protecting your family from germs today.

What’s in a Disinfectant Doormat?

If you’ve heard about disinfectant doormats, you may still be unsure of what they really are. Knowing what the doormat is made of can help you understand how it works and why. Disinfectant doormats use technology to kill germs and bacteria, not chemicals. The KBOC Mat isn’t made from existing fabric but through its own patented technology. Knowing what disinfectant doormats are made of can allow you to understand how they can be so effective.

The KBOC Mat incorporates silver and copper ion threads that can kill germs and prevent them from multiplying. Just silver and copper ion threads. Because it's a doormat, it may be hard to understand how that's possible. The KBOC Mat is made by spinning silver ion particles, creating a material used to make threading. The same is done with copper ion particles. When combined, the resulting threading is used to make The KBOC Mat. It's 100% ionized silver and copper threads. No chemicals included.

So, what's the big deal with silver and copper ionized threads? When combined, these charged ions work to kill bacteria and stop them from multiplying. The result is a barrier between the outside world and your home. Through this technology, The KBOC Mat can kill up to 99% of germs on the bottoms of your shoes.

What Can Disinfectant Doormats Protect Me From?

Each day you're likely to track 400,000 germs into your home on the bottom of your shoes. This amount is only multiplied with each relative or pet that walks through your doors. Once inside, germs can stick around, on your carpet, surfaces, and even in your bed. Taking your shoes off outside may not suffice; germs can hitch a ride on your socks too.

The KBOC Mat can help prevent germs from entering your home. But how big of an issue is that? Out of the 400,000 germs you bring in on your shoes each day, 96,000 of those threaten to get you and your family sick. Employing a disinfectant doormat that can help stop those germs from getting inside could help keep your family healthy.

Germs and bacteria come in all shapes and forms. They can cause allergic reactions, the common cold, infections, and even serious viruses. The KBOC Mat works to help stop those potential illnesses from reaching your family. It's a disinfectant doormat that can help keep your family safe from sickness all year round, no matter the season.

Features of a Disinfectant Doormat

In addition to being chemical-free and non-toxic, disinfectant doormats have many benefits. The KBOC Mat is antibacterial, washable, and long-lasting, making it convenient for families.

Antibacterial and Antimicrobial

In comparison to an average entry mat, disinfectant doormats have extra perks. On top of preventing germs from entering your home, disinfectant doormats are not a breeding ground for bacteria. With regular entry mats, wiping your feet may leave a considerable number of germs on the mat. The result is a build-up of germs that get brought into your home, bit by bit. Not only is it chemical-free, The KBOC Mat is also antibacterial and antimicrobial. It fights to kill microorganisms and bacteria and can stop them from multiplying on contact. When using a disinfectant doormat, your entryway is no longer a breeding ground for bacteria.


Families may be inclined to purchase a disinfectant doormat to keep their loved ones safe. With that comes the assumption that it'll get used, get dirty, and need to be washed. The KBOC Mat is washable up to 300 times. Its effectiveness is not reduced; it'll just be cleaner. Being able to wash your doormat, disinfectant or not, is a must for families with a lot of traffic in and out. You can easily clean The KBOC Mat without altering its silver and copper ion threads.


When purchasing a disinfectant doormat, it must help protect your family for a long time. The KBOC Mat can last up to four years. Even with frequent washing and usage, The KBOC Mat remains effective for a considerable period. Especially for families, a durable disinfectant doormat is crucial in aiming to provide sustained protection against germs and bacteria.

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If you want a safe, chemical-free disinfectant doormat, try The KBOC Mat to help keep your family healthy. Visit our website to buy The KBOC Mat for yourself, today.