Do Disinfectant Floor Mats Work on All Types of Shoes?

Floor mats are mostly looked at as a decoration piece or “something” that should be at a property’s main entrance. Few people see a floor mat and ask themselves whether it can disinfect their shoes. Disinfecting your shoes is more important than you can expect. Moreover, few people know how to sanitize their shoes with a disinfectant mat properly or if such a product works on any type of shoe.


Disinfectant floor mats can work on any shoe as long as their user knows how to sanitize their shoes properly. Merely walking across or stepping over a disinfectant mat is not enough to sanitize your shoes properly. Knowing your shoes’ soles and adequately cleaning your shoes with a disinfectant mat is crucial to prevent the spread of microbes, bacteria, and germs.


The KBOC Mat is a powerful and effective tool against the proliferation of bacteria, germs, and microbes. Our patented design allows our disinfectant mats to kill these microorganisms without using chemicals. To learn more about our amazing products, visit our website today.


Are Disinfectant Floor Mats Suitable for All Types of Shoes?


Disinfectant floor mats are suitable for every type of shoe. However, not all shoes can be cleaned the same. For example, the soles on your shoes can be different from the soles of another person's shoes. While this may sound obvious, it is important to make this distinction. The different pattern designs, the sole’s thickness, and the material used on the soles can require a different approach to disinfection from a disinfecting mat.


For instance, a shoe with a smooth flat sole can be very easy to clean and sanitize because its physical composition makes it easier to contact the disinfecting mat directly. This can mean an easier, more effective disinfection.


Conversely, boots, which tend to have wide, deep crevices on their soles, may not contact the disinfectant mat completely. Unlike a smooth sole, boots’ soles may not get complete sanitation unless the person wearing them cleans them correctly. Typically, tapping and scraping this type of sole against a disinfecting mat is generally a better practice. The disinfectant floor mat is not meant to fit s specific type of shoe. For instance, The KBOC Mat is designed to provide any kind of shoe. However, every person using a disinfectant floor mat should do their best to sanitize their shoes adequately.


How Can You Use a Disinfectant Mat Properly to Sanitize Your Shoes?


As we mentioned, you should do everything you can to use your disinfectant floor mat properly. This means making sure your shoes make direct contact with the disinfectant mat. Otherwise, you may risk spreading any microbes and germs trapped in the sole of your shoes. Unfortunately, many people believe that all floor mats are the same and often walk over them without properly sanitizing their shoes. This can be dangerous if you visit sensitive places such as hospitals, nursing homes, or ERs.


There are several basic and easy steps you can take to ensure you are sanitizing your shoes properly. The first step is to be conscious and aware of your shoe type and the type of sole it has. Being aware of this detail can help you make a better decision when entering a building other than just walking over your disinfectant floor mat.


This brings us to the second element to consider: the actual contact with your disinfectant mat. It is not enough to stand on a disinfectant mat. Take a couple of seconds to tap and scratch your shoes against the disinfectant mat to ensure maximum sanitation. Many disinfectant floor mats use special chemicals and solutions that sanitize through friction between the mat and the person’s shoes. The KBOC Mat is ionized, and it does not use chemicals. Instead, microbes, germs, and bacteria are killed instantly. However, it is still essential that your shoes make contact with the disinfectant mat.


What Are the Benefits of Using a Disinfectant Mat to Sanitize Your Shoes?


Sanitizing your shoes is essential. Unfortunately, many people do not realize how critical their shoes’ sanitation. An infected pair of shoes can spread microbes, germs, and viruses across any surface they come into contact. For these and other reasons, it is essential to ensure you sanitize your shoes properly. Some of the benefits you can get by using a disinfectant floor mat includes the following:



Safety is of the utmost importance. This is true especially during these critical days of the coronavirus pandemic. A disinfectant mat is not a cure for all diseases. However, it is a powerful tool against the spread of dangerous and harmful bacteria, microbes, and germs. From your household to your children’s school, to hospitals, and hotels, every place must ensure their premises are safe and free from things that can cause any health issues. For example, as we have explained, your shoes can carry many germs and other microorganisms picked up on the streets. A disinfectant mat can help eliminate any pollutants before you set foot into your home or any other building.



One thing you get from using a disinfectant floor mat is convenience. You do not have to invest in expensive sanitizing equipment to clean up your shoes when you get to your house, gym, or workplace. Sanitizing your shoes properly is as simple as stepping over your KBOC mat and moving your feet so you can disinfect your shoes’ soles. However, not all floor mats can sanitize your shoes. Some may help spread even more pollutants. You cannot get the benefits of a disinfectant floor mat if you do not get one. The KBOC Mat may be ideal for your house, job, or amenity center.


Peace of Mind

Lastly – but not less important – you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you, your loved ones, and anyone on your property is safe. Using a disinfectant floor mat more than a decoration piece is a necessity. Make sure to get your KBCO mat today.


Disinfect Your Shoes with The KBOC Mat Today

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