Do Disinfectant Mats Work on Bare Feet?

It’s easy to believe your shoes are dirty, but the bottoms of your feet? Well, if you are ever barefoot outside, you may track germs into your house. Normal doormats don’t have antibacterial properties and won’t prevent germs from getting inside your home. If you’re interested in purchasing a disinfectant doormat to help wipe germs off the bottoms of your shoes, you may be wondering if it will also work on bare feet.

Disinfectant doormats are just as effective on bare feet as they are on shoes, socks, and your pet’s paws. The efficacy of disinfectant doormats doesn’t depend on the material that comes in contact with the mat. Each time you enter your home, you may be bringing in 400,000 germs and bacteria on the bottoms of your shoes or feet. Disinfectant doormats respond to germs and bacteria, working to kill them on contact. Whether the germs are on your bare feet or shoes, it doesn’t matter. By employing silver and copper ionization processes, a disinfectant doormat can help eliminate germs on the surface of whatever material touches it.

The KBOC Mat is a disinfectant doormat that uses patented silver and copper ionization. The KBOC Mat is made from silver and copper ion threads that kill bacteria and stop them from multiplying. Antibacterial and chemical-free, The KBOC Mat is safe for your children, pets, and even your bare feet. If you’re interested in purchasing a KBOC Mat to help keep your home germ-free, visit our website today.

How Do Disinfectant Doormats Work on Bare Feet?

The silver and copper ionization processes of The KBOC Mat help eliminate germs on the bottoms of your shoes or bare feet. The mat is made of silver and copper ion threads that are wound together to create the mat material. Simply by rubbing against your feet, the ionized materials pull bacteria and germs away from your skin and kill potentially harmful germs by bursting their cells.

The KBOC Mat is produced with families in mind. We know that a disinfectant doormat that works on bare feet is a must for families, especially with kids running around. The KBOC Mat is safe and effective on bare feet. No chemicals or sprays are used in the manufacturing process, resulting in a non-toxic disinfectant mat safe for your family.

Silver and copper ionization isn’t dangerous to people like it is to bacteria. With The KBOC Mat, you can help prevent harmful outdoor allergens or bacteria that may stick to your bare feet from entering your home.

What Are Some Benefits of a Disinfectant Doormat for Bare Feet?

Having a disinfectant doormat at your front door may help prevent harmful germs from finding a way inside your house. The KBOC Mat can kill up to 99% of the bacteria on your feet before you step inside your home. Just wiping your feet as you would on a normal entry mat could help keep your family healthy. The unique benefits and properties of The KBOC Mat make it a necessary product for families.

Antibacterial Properties

The KBOC Mat is antibacterial, preventing germs from living on your disinfectant doormats. Average entry mats may allow bacteria to multiply, creating a petri dish of germs on your doorstep. A disinfectant doormat can inhibit bacteria from multiplying and kill any germs that settle in the mat. This process helps to keep your entryway clean and germ-free.


Entry mats usually need to be replaced frequently. With The KBOC Mat, you can keep your disinfectant doormat for up to four years. The KBOC Mat can remain effective for a considerable period before needing to be replaced. Over those four years, you can wash it up to 300 times without reducing efficacy. This long-lasting, washable disinfectant mat fits the needs of families and can help provide germ protection for a long time.

Safe for the Entire Family

Because The KBOC Mat is non-toxic, it is safe for your entire family. This disinfectant doormat is safe for your children, pets, and even outdoor animals that may come into contact with it. During production, no chemicals or sprays are added. While disinfectant mats may be harsh on germs and bacteria, they pose no threat to you or your family.

The KBOC Mat is made with families in mind. It provides a safe, effective way to help prevent your family from bringing germs into your home on the bottoms of their feet. Whether you use it to wipe your shoes, your pet’s paws, or your bare feet, The KBOC Mat can help eliminate the threat of tracking germs into your home.

Why Buy a Disinfectant Doormat?

You may not think that a disinfectant doormat is necessary, but owning one can help keep bacteria out of your home. Each day, you can bring 400,000 germs into your home on the bottoms of your shoes or feet. The KBOC Mat can help stop that from happening.

Larger families may experience multiple people going in and out of their houses each day. Pets can bring germs into your home on their paws as well. With each additional person entering your home, the threat of tracking in germs increases. These germs can pose a risk to your family, possibly getting them sick. A disinfectant doormat can help prevent that by working to kill bacteria before you step inside your home.

Disinfectant doormats don’t just help prevent colds; they can also kill some allergens and viruses. The KBOC Mat can act as a barrier between your home and the outside world, helping to prevent germs from getting inside and seeking refuge in your home. Fewer germs in the house can help prevent illness.

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To help stop germs from entering your home and keep your family healthy, buy your own disinfectant doormat. Visit our website today for more information about The KBOC Mat.