How Effective Are Disinfectant Doormats?

Unlike ordinary entry mats, disinfectant doormats are more than a decoration to wipe your shoes on. Disinfectant doormats can help protect your family from outside germs and bacteria. They work to kill germs and bacteria before you even step inside your home. In doing this, disinfectant doormats may help keep your family from getting sick. If you’re considering purchasing a disinfectant doormat to protect your family from illness, its effectiveness is paramount.

Made with families in mind, The KBOC Mat is highly effective. It can kill up to 99% of germs on contact and may help to keep your family healthy. Without The KBOC Mat, your door is open to unwanted germs and bacteria. Using silver and copper ionization, The KBOC Mat works to kill germs and bacteria on contact. The KBOC Mat works best when it’s used properly and replaced when necessary. It helps to keep germs out of your home with its patented technology, which increases its efficacy.

The KBOC Mat can work as a barrier between your home and the outside world. Made from silver and copper ion threads, The KBOC Mat can prevent germs from getting inside your house. It’s a non-toxic, long-lasting option for families who want to stay healthy year-round. If you’re interested in a germ-free home, visit our website today.

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Disinfectant Doormat

Unlike other doormats, The KBOC Mat uses its patented technology to help stop germs from entering your home. Once you step on The KBOC Mat, the silver and copper threads work to kill up to 99% of the germs on your shoes before you walk inside your home. Despite the advanced technology of The KBOC Mat, its effectiveness can depend on how it’s used and cared for.

How to Use It

When using a disinfectant doormat, it’s important to wipe your feet as you usually would before entering your house. Use both feet; otherwise, you won’t get them both germ-free. Don’t just hop over The KBOC Mat; it works on contact, so it’s necessary to step on the mat and wipe your feet as you would on any other doormat. If you don’t, you may not effectively rid your shoes of germs.

Your shoes can carry up to 400,000 unwanted germs and bacteria into your home each day. Of that, 96% can stay in your house, threatening to get your family sick. The more family members in and out each day, the more likely it is that dangerous germs and bacteria will enter your home. It’s important to use your disinfectant doormat correctly to help prevent germs from entering your house.

When To Replace It

Disinfectant doormats can work for a long time but should be replaced periodically. If you don’t replace your disinfectant doormat once it’s no longer effective, you could end up allowing unwanted germs inside your home. It is best to replace The KBOC Mat every four years. If you notice your disinfectant doormat looking worn or overused, it may be time to replace it. With The KBOC Mat, minor wear and tear is fine, and you can wash it up to 300 times without degrading its effectiveness. Again, if you notice considerable damage or wear on your mat, it may be a sign that it’s time to purchase a new one. If your disinfectant doormat is past its prime, replacing it when advised may help keep it working effectively.

The KBOC Mat is made of 100% real silver and copper ion threads. Once stepped on, it can eliminate up to 99% of the germs on the bottoms of your shoes. The KBOC Mat works to stop viruses, allergens, bacteria, and more from getting side your home. Using a disinfectant doormat properly and replacing it when necessary may help keep germs from entering your home.

Are Disinfectant Doormats Safe?

Not only are disinfectant doormats effective in preventing germs from entering your home, but they’re safe too. They may be even safer than some average doormats since they don’t hold onto germs. The KBOC Mat is non-toxic and free from sprays and chemicals. Better yet, it doesn’t breed germs. Average doormats can be a haven for germs entering your home. When you wipe your feet on a standard doormat, germs may take refuge there and be able to get inside your home. The KBOC Mat can kill germs on contact, keeping the mat itself germ-free.

Because it’s non-toxic, The KBOC Mat is safe for your entire family – including your kids and pets. The KBOC Mat is not only safe but may also help stop your family from getting sick. Large families can track in millions of germs per day. In that case, a disinfectant doormat is a must. It can help prevent dangerous germs and bacteria from entering your home, no matter how many people are in and out. The KBOC Mat also works on socks and bare feet for extra assurance that germs won’t enter your house.

Your pets may also be responsible for tracking germs and bacteria into your home. Just like the bottoms of your shoes, your pet’s paws can have 400,000 germs and bacteria on them each time they step inside your home. The KBOC Mat is as effective on paws as it is on shoes. It’s safe for your pets to use and may help keep them from bringing germs inside that could get your family sick.

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If you want an effective way to help keep your family healthy, purchase The KBOC Mat to protect your home. Visit our website to buy your own disinfectant doormat today.