How to Know When You Need to Replace a Disinfectant Mat

No floor mat will last forever. At some point, any mat will wear out. Unfortunately, however, not many people know how to tell it is time to replace their mat.

Fortunately, a mat can provide you with the signals you may need to know it is time to find a replacement. For instance, if you see bald spots, a completely worn-out surface, or cracked, curled-up borders, it is probably time to replace your old floor or door mat.

The KBOC Mat is a unique disinfectant mat using ionized copper and silver to attract and kill harmful bacteria, germs, and viruses.

Having a disinfectant mat at home, at work, or in your business is essential, especially today when many health issues are caused by viruses, bacteria, and other pollutants.

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How Can You Tell it is Time to Replace Your Floor Mat?

It is easy to identify a mat on the floor and clean up your shoes with it. However, it may be more challenging to tell when it is time to replace it. Few people can have a clear idea about how long a floor mat lasts and when it is time to replace it.

Luckily, your floor or door mat can show signs it is time to be replaced:

Worn-Out Surface

Floor mats must have some surface area left to do the job of protecting your floor and stopping dirt and grime. A disinfectant mat has the added benefit of also sanitizing your shoes against microbes, germs and viruses. In either case, the surface is what makes direct contact with your shoes, sanitizing them and helping you avoid spreading harmful bacteria, germs, and viruses. Therefore, this surface must be kept in top condition at all times. Otherwise, your mat wouldn’t work anymore.

Nevertheless, as you keep using your mat – especially at a busy main entrance – it will eventually start to wear out. As a result, an overused floor mat can show clear signs, such as a worn-out surface or bald spots. This can render the effects of your mat useless and it can even become be a hazard. If you see any of these signs below, you should replace your floor mat as soon as possible. 

Cracked Borders

When you install a brand-new floor mat, you will notice that it adheres to the floor, keeping a rectangular, flat shape. This is possible because of the plastic found on the underside of your mat. As time goes by, the plastic may start to dry out and crack because of a lack of moisture. If your floor mat cracks, it may eventually break, making it more likely to slip and bind when someone walks over it.

Moreover, the lack of moisture on the plastic around your mat can cause its corners to curl up and break. This can allow air, dust, and other pollutants to sift underneath your mat, causing it to slide and move as people walk over it. Therefore, it is always in your best interest to replace your old, worn-out mat with a fresh KBOC disinfectant Mat.

Excess Dust and Pollution Buildup

Disinfectant floor mats are a powerful tool against harmful pollutants. As people use normal floor mats, the pollution picked up by it accumulates and sets on top of it. When excess dust, debris, and pollution accumulate on your mat, it may not work adequately. While you can regularly clean your mat, excess debris and pollution can cause permanent damage to your floor mat. It is always in your best interest to have a fully functioning, harmless, yet effective disinfectant mat like the KBOC Mat at your property.

How Can I Extend the Life of My Disinfectant Mat Before I Replace It?

If you have purchased a disinfectant floor mat, such as the KBOC, you may want to know about the different ways you can extend its useful life. There are several ways you can help extend your mat’s life. For instance, one of the best ways to extend your disinfectant mat’s life is to clean it continually. This means making sure your mat is free from pollution and clear of any excess dirt or debris. Many disinfectant mats use a combination of chemicals that can help kill bacteria, viruses, and germs. However, these chemicals may not always be close by to replenish your mat.

The KBOC Mat does not use harmful chemicals to kill harmful microorganisms. Instead, our patented design uses silver and copper ion threads to attract and kill bacteria and other harmful microorganisms on contact. Thanks to our design and approach to sanitation, our mats do not require you to use chemicals any time you need to clean them. Instead, you can simply use a broom or brush to sweep off any excess dust, debris, or pollution, or use water to rinse it off and use it again.

Typically, your disinfectant mat can last for up three years of good use, depending on the location of your mat and the frequency of use. 

The KBOC Mat is designed to provide superior sanitation by killing bacteria, viruses, and germs on contact. Our unique, patented design can help you keep your property safe at all times. Get your KBOC Mat today.