Our Story

My name is Jules Roberts, a former owner of an ambulance company and EMT. Going in and out of hospitals for over 20 years, I learned to stay healthy, I had to constantly wash my hands and wear light-weight booties over my shoes when entering contaminated rooms.


The ER doctors explained that our hands and feet carry many germs and they will generally spread many diseases and viruses. So I was always washing my hands and cleaning the bottom of my shoes with an alcohol spray. I guess I was ahead of my time. Today everybody is doing it. For years I have been telling people to take off their shoes before they enter their home. Some people listened, but most did not.

10 years ago I created a product which used ultraviolet light. You would step on it to kill the germs, but it was not practical, and much too expensive. I never gave up on the idea. Finally I researched and discovered silver and copper ions destroy bacteria on contact.


Working tirelessly on this project for over 4 years, I learned how to make a doormat with no SPRAYS or CHEMICALS using silver and copper ion threads. KBOC Silver mat was born. This is the only doormat in the world made of 100% real silver and copper ion threads. It is brand new and patented technology.