Kills Bacteria

On Contact

Completely Safe for People, Animals,

Plants, and the Environment

100% Silver &

Copper Ion Threads

How Do Copper & Silver

Ions Kill Bacteria?

Silver and copper ions kill bacteria by punching holes in the cell membrane. They bind to the bacteria cell from the inside and wreak havoc by stopping the bacteria from multiplying. Once the silver and copper ions kill the bacteria, they remain inside the dead cells destroying all surrounding germ cells in a chain reaction.

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3 Set K-BOC Silver & Copper Ion Mat

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The Science Behind

How the K-BOC Mat

Kills Germs


Amazing invention!

I was a little reluctant about ordering the mat after reading some of the reviews however I'm really pleased I did... good communication and quick dispatch and delivery!! It's a no brainier having an antibacterial mat by the front door!! Great invention, good size and quality! Every household should have one!



Product is high quality

My little son likes this mat very much, it has very high quality. Though the express company sent it by fold, we still could see it is made from exquisites machines.