What makes K-BOC Mat different from all other antibacterial doormats?

KBOC is unique. It is the ONLY antibacterial doormat made of 100% real silver and copper ion threads. The KBOC doormat kills germs on contact. Its patented technology makes it the super doormat, It actually destroys germs by punching holes in their cell membranes. Any germ cells it comes in contact with are destroyed. All surrounding germs perish in a chain reaction, stopping them all in their tracks.

Is the KBOC Mat safe?

KBOC doormat is made of 100% silver and copper ion threads. It is non-toxic and completely safe for children, adults, plants, pets, and the environment.

How long do I have to stand on KBOC Mat for it to work?

The moment you step onto the doormat the silver and copper ion threads start killing germs. If you feel that there is any excess debris on your shoes, remove it. 

Do you have to wipe your feet more than normal?

It is recommended that you wipe your feet as you would normally do. This is sufficient to engage the KBOC Mat’s ability to destroy bacteria and particles.

What about my pet’s paws and/or bare feet?

KBOC Silver mat safely kills germs on your pet’s paws, your bare feet, and even your socks. It will kill germs on any surface it comes in contact with.

How many germs do we really bring into our house on a daily basis?

According to research, we bring over 400,000 germs into our house every day. 96% of these germs wind up living on our clean floors, carpets and even your bed. They can carry a variety of harmful things including fecal bacteria and viruses. These can cause intestinal or urinary tract infections, allergies, and worse. KBOC Silver mat shields your home whenever you or your pet step on it to enter your home from outside. You simply have to be careful and remember the mat is there when entering. Position it so that family members, visitors and pets will do the same. 

What is the life expectancy of a KBOC Mat? 

The KBOC Doormat will remain effective for up to 4 years.

Can it be washed?

Yes. You can wash the KBOC Mat over 300 times.

What is the warranty on my KBOC doormat?

The KBOC Mat offers a 90 day replacement warranty for any abnormal defects in our doormat from the date of purchase. 

How do I know my KBOC Mat is authentic?

A certificate of authenticity is provided with every purchase.

Should I have additional questions, whom should I contact?

Please email us at customerservice@kbocmats.com