3 Set K-BOC Silver & Copper Ion Mats - 24"x36" Each

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KBOC DOORMAT is the ONLY mat ever that is made of real silver and copper ion threads. It kills bacteria on contact on the bottom of shoes, pet's paws, and even on bare feet. It is 100% safe and lasts over 4 years.

99.7% of germs wind up living on our clean floors, carpets and even our socks. K-BOC kills all germs on contact using a proven technology of Silver Ions and Copper threads. 

Tested and Certified by SGS International Labs.

Mat size is 24" x 36"

Non-slip rubber backing

Made of real silver and copper ion threads. It is 100% safe for the whole family and pets. Designed to last over 4 years. Natural materials with no sprays or chemicals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Darlene Johnston
It makes us feel safer having mats that protect us.

Thank you so much for creating a antibacterial mat that could keep us safe.

Abe Gurevich
Different than the other and in high quality

I've bought the 3 set, I'm using 2 mats on the 2 entries to my house, and one mat for my dog which he loves. So far very happy with this purchase

Mat review

I love the mats but one came damaged. Still waiting to hear if they will replace. 4 stars so far unless they don’t replace the one mat.

Shari Hall
Mats were ruined after 2 washes

I loved the concept of these mats and was so excited about them but after 2 washes, the backing was all cracked and coming off in chunks. One of my most disappointing purchases ever.

Japanese Language School
Good product

We didn't want to use harmful chemicals around our students, so we will try these mats for every door of our school. Fast and smooth transaction with sturdy and good size mats!